What We Do

CEVHAP’S key strategic focus is to ensure that effective public policy is developed and implemented to improve how viral hepatitis is managed across Asia Pacific. We do this through:



As an independent voice, we connect with other stakeholders, civil society and governments to call for a better response to viral hepatitis.

Policy Development

Policy Development

We conduct evidence-based policy and social research to address data gaps and inform the development of public policy.



We build capacity at a local level by supporting local advocates with tools and knowledge to support their advocacy work.

Our Goal

Our goal is to use the collective expertise of our members to assist the region and partner with government bodies in policy formulation and health education. In addition to helping shape public policy, the Coalition’s network is instrumental in sharing information and resources about programmes being undertaken by others to reduce the devastating effects of viral hepatitis.

The work of CEVHAP is closely aligned to the objectives
of the World Health Organization, focusing on three main
areas across the Asia Pacific region:

Building Awareness
  • Building regional awareness and understanding about viral hepatitis
  • Developing partnerships and collaborations with a range of individuals, organisations and governments committed to reducing the burden of viral hepatitis in Asia Pacific

We currently have members from the following locations within the Asia Pacific region:

• Australia
• Bangladesh
• China
• Hong Kong
• India
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Republic of Korea
• Malaysia
• New Zealand
• Philippines
• Singapore
• Thailand
• Vietnam
• Pakistan
• Taiwan

CEVHAP also has members from Europe, Africa and the USA who support CEVHAP and have an interest in combating viral hepatitis in Asia Pacific and we continue to welcome members from within the region and beyond.

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The Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis in Asia Pacific (CEVHAP), established in October 2010, is a multidisciplinary body advocating public policy reforms aimed at reducing the burden of viral hepatitis in Asia-Pacific.

WHA Member

CEVHAP is proud to be a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance since September 2019.



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